I support high-vibrational, conscious, mission-driven, 6 and 7 – figure Speakers, Healers and Coaches in creating powerful multi-day live events focused on growth, healing and transformation for their Tribes.

Audio Engineering


Intuitive DJing

Mindset Coaching


What I

I only work with the highest caliber of Speakers, Coaches and Healers. I offer my Clients “The Works”: 10+ years of Audio Engineering Know-How, Intuitive DJing, and Mindset Coaching. My intention is to offer them the support required to allow them to focus on delivering their magic with ease; both technically and energetically.

Transformational Events

Having a soul commitment to increase the amount of love, joy, fun, healing and transformation in the World, I choose to work events which are aligned with this.

Intuitive DJing

I've cultivated my gifts of being somewhat of an alien - highly sensitive, highly intuitive, aware of energetics, seeing what isn't shown and hearing the subtleties of what isn't said - in my use of music at events.

Focus On Your Magic

With Transformation being the focus, Mindsets are where the magic happens, therefore, I offer my unique Mindset Coaching to all clients - to help them ground, refocus and streamline their energy at live events.


Vida Loek completed her formal education at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Arizona. After such, she was offered a stable j-o-b building Professional Microphones at one of the Top Professional and Consumer-level Microphone Companies in the United States. However, fortunately for you, she chose the road less travelled; becoming an Entrepreneur. 😉

In regards to her Mindset Coaching and focus on Transformational Work, Vida was trained at one of the Nations Top Leadership and Personal Development companies – with a focus on empowering others through Transformational work to become Leaders in their communities.

My Focus

Cultivating Community and Transformation.


We all have our own magical flair, therefore, I tailor each song, playlist and event to each client.

Additional Support

Need support around logistics for your event? I got you. Let’s talk!

My Clients

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Get to know these high-vibrational, mission-driven Speakers, Healers and Coaches.


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